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RainbowEucalyptus Eucalyptus Grove Ceiba Ukelele Joe Pterocarpus 5 Pterocarpus 4 Pterocarpus 2 Pterocarpus 1 Pterocarpus 3 Through Dragons Throat II Rainforest Green Palmas Fireworks House with a View Friends Outside Rural Home House in Rural Area Door-to-Door Merchant La Chimenea The Secret Beach : Triptych Pilar Bromeliad Sky Reflection Adoquines del
Viejo San Juan
Molino de Guayama Lago de Patillas

La Mina

Garita del Diablo Alms House Marsh
Cape Cod
La Reina Ballet Slippers Baby Ballet Slipper

Parada de los Tres Reyes Magos

Tuscan Memories

Purple Lily 2 Salt Marsh -Cape Cod Horseman on the Course Three King's Day Granitos Vendedor de Granos Molinos de Guayama Stranger in the Garden

Life Ends

Red Torch St.Cristobal Defenses Pink Waterlilies November, Philadelphia Rojo y Verde Flamboyan Esperando por la
The Inca Artiste The Lost View Passion Flowers Tuscany,
View from a Monastery
Golfing in Austin The Tide is In Symbiosis Sentinel, Georgian Bay Side Street

Palmas Pac-man

Marsh Reeds Vista a Mis Rocas Flora,
Carretera #128, PR
Lady in Red Red All Over Casa en La Roca "Refugio" Helliconia Mariposa de Brasas Through the Dragon's Throat I El Yunque Flora
The Dragon Sleeps The Green by the Sea

Alida is a self taught artist from Patillas, Puerto Rico. She uses oils, acrylics and watercolors to create paintings which fall between realism and impressionism.

Her favorite subjects are landscapes, seascapes, marshes and still lifes, primarily flowers, with her favorite inspirations emerging from the beautiful land and culture of her native Puerto Rico. “The subject matter must give me joy when I execute the paintings and therefore my subjects change quickly, according to my mood” says the artist.

Her work uses angular strokes with hard edges when painting solid objects. This is most apparent on her favorite subjects, the coastal rock formations of the beaches in Puerto Rico. “These dynamic forms suggest to me animals, persons, and mythical creatures."

“I consider my art a way of communication and share my heart with each piece.

For more information, contact Alida: alidaoc@cs.com

High-quality Gyclees are available for many of these paintings.
For more information, contact Álida : 561-414-4661. Email her alidaoc@c